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Excess rubbing will remove the coating since it is soft. b. Chemical Treatment of Magnesium Surfaces.Each aircraft should possess a panel for each operator employed on.No description or detail is provided for painting facilities due to the variance of equipment and local conditions.Water remaining on surfaces and in crevices has a detrimental effect on paint removers.

All lift points will be 7-30. indicated by an arrow pointing to the lift point.The dimensions of the insignia will be c. determined by the diameter of the basic blue circle, which is standardized in multiples of 5 inches. 7-4. COLORS. Gloss colors for insignia will conform to a. applicable shade numbers of Federal Standard 595.

Class 1 and 2 base coating and topcoating solutions shall have a minimum pot life of 4 hours after catalyzation.Underside of fuselage, right of centerline, left of jack point.Typical Manifold Pressure Gage, Tachometer, Cylinder Head Temperature Gage, and Air Temperature Gage Markings.Paint brushes should be used during touch-up procedures in open air when applying MI L-C-46168 paint.Primer and finish coats should be sprayed on lightly and uniformly.Paint residue can retard free movement of flight and power controls causing unsafe conditions leading to a crash.Disregard of these warnings and precautionary information can cause serious injury, death, or an aborted mission.Remove all dust and dry overspray by lightly wiping with a lint free cloth and blowing with clean air.

A term which usually indicates that the material dries by evaporation and forms a film from the nonvolatile constituents. (Brightness, reflectance, value) Position on the gray scale between pure black and pure white. Oil loving.DISTRIBUTION: To be distributed in accordance with Initial Distribution No. (IDN) 311338, requirements for TM 55-1500-345-23.

Official: R. L. DILWORTH Brigadier General, United States Army The Adjutant General.Precautionary measures shall be taken to prevent paint and paint removal waste from conlaminating lakes and streams.Below engine nacelles, both sides, aft of air intake screen, sta 503, WL 52, aircraft black.Bottom of right wing, outboard of engine nacelle and forward of spar.Depending on the fuselage surface available, letters will be in the largest size practicable: however, in no case will they be smaller than 8 by 12 inches, or larger than 32 by 48 inches.The word DANGER and the arrows wiII be in glossy insignia-red, shade No. 11136. This marking applies to all nontactical multiengine aircraft. b. Interior. Openings used as exits within 6 feet of the propeller disc will have an insignia-red warning stripe 3 inches wide painted on their inside surface.See Chapters 9 and 10 for figures showing details of high conspicuity markings for aircraft used for training.

All operation above this rpm is limited in time (usually 5 or 15 minutes). (3) RED RADIAL.Interior of aircraft on passenger door post below upper hinges.Vertical block-type numbers will be used for radio call numbers.

Center as nearly as possible between wing trailing edge and aft end of aircraft. 6-in. black letters.However, smaller sized symbols may be used if required by the item or area to be marked. (See Chapter 8). d. Lettering which supplements the symbols will be in the scale of 1 to 4 in relation to the symbol. (See Chapter 8).Markings and stenciling applied in passenger stations of these aircraft will be in Aircraft White, No. 37875, MIL-C-46168.Figure 9-23.Interior and Exterior Markings, OH-58 (Sheet 10 of 13) 9-120 Change 5.This practice must be avoided at all costs, In general, wrist movement must be eliminated in stroking.If we can't find crack driveway filler then. Black Jack Crack-Stop Elastomeric Crack Filler 3.6 Qt. bring users more quality deals than any other comparison.Data on blade on an aircraft, other than OV-1, may be placed on first white section from hub (spinner) and stenciled in aircraft black. 6-8. MAIN ROTOR BLADES.

Indicates maximum permissible oil pressure. b. OIL TEMPERATURE GAGE. (See figure 7-10, detail B.) (1) LOWER RED RADIAL.Right side of fuselage above access door, sta 114, WL-1, black letters.Surfaces will be prepared and primed as specified in Chapter 2, prior to application of any top coat. 6-3. APPLICATION.

The band will be placed at the extreme boundary of the above described area, both inside and outside of the fuselage.The top of this arc indicates maximum rotor rpm with power. (3) RED RADIAL.Interior Markings, UH-1D and UH-1H (Sheet 4 of 4) 9-160 Change 5.

Also, aircraft utilizing cartridge actuated devices will be marked in accordance with Chapter 10. b. Ejection Seats.Finish of door handle and emer door and cockpit handles, both sides of helicopter.TM 55-1500-345-23, 12 June 1986 is changed as follows: New or changed text material 1.NOTE Reclaimed paint thinner or other reclaimed thinners shall not be used for cleaning purposes.

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